Thursday, March 8, 2012

moving on up

I find that since I am getting older, my bra is more common as a place to store things. My pedomeder is in there every day. tampons are stored, sometimes my ID and credit card. It amuses me I have grown so casual about what I have in my bra.. good thing my chest needs as much extra padding as it can get.

I am going to MCTC this fall. Its about a mile from my house so it will be easy for me to walk or bike there. which will save money on transportation. On the rainy/bad/lazy days I can always take a bus as well. I will be going to a degree in social work, focusing on young children.

I told Gord that for every pound I lose he will be spending $3 on me. it is a great motivator. So far he needs to spend $12 and its only been a week.. so things are starting to look good on that front.

My sister had her baby! I have pictures, I just haven’t uploaded them yet, but this weekend I will make sure to do that. I tell him that I am his favorite person so when he is older he will unconsciously know I am his favorite…

I get to see Kristen on Sunday! Meeting at the library. Gotta get stuff done! like the application for MCTC and the baby pictures. Its also good to get out of the house.

My house is clean! Well sort of. but it is better than it was! I need to do laundry, but I have all weekend and next week to do that. I still have clean socks so I am OK for now.

I get to nanny again next week! I am sooo excited. I love those kids very much, and I miss them a lot when I don’t get to see them.

Anywho, my nails are probably dry now so I can get up and do something. OH! That reminds me! I also started doing ZUMBA! Which is super fun. AND I my be going to Disney land!!! And Gord and I are going to NY for new years! EEKK! A lot going on. just the way I like it.

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