Monday, August 31, 2009


Last night my father informed my mom he will be finding an apartment, moving out, and filing for divorce.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I am teaching myself to be an optimist. I started it HERE and it seems that finally I am able to be happier by thinking positively. So, here is my list of the little things that make me happy.

1. Waking up to text messages.
2. French toast
3. The feeling of my bunny snuggling to my chest.
4. My chalk board
5. Visits at work
6. Catching fish
7. Knowing I am amazing
8. Snuggling with my sister
9. Introducing people to new music
10. Laughing at myself and others

I find that I am more and more in love with myself every day. I love where I am right now in my life. I love how happy I am. I love how I am doing what I want without thinking about others. I love how I have really changed my outlook on everything.

Monday, August 10, 2009

glimmer of hope

You know those impossible situations, the ones you think you will NEVER get out of, the ones that make you lift your head to the sky and whisper ‘please God, please just let me survive this moment’ and you pull yourself together, and you reach as far into what is going on, and you simply immerse yourself into the problem, into the event you do not think you will get out of.

Once you are in that moment fully surrounded by the situation at hand and after you have prayed there is always that glimmer of hope. That sliver of a chance that you WILL survive this and you will be stronger for it. You feel that even if everything goes wrong you will recover and be able to have a great story to tell and a great lesson learned.

That feeling that you have to try your hardest and you have to have something more than yourself helping you in order to pull through.

That feeling that gets you through the impossible and allows you to move on in your life, allowing you to overcome this battle that you have.

And when that moment is over, when that fight is over, and you are catching your breath and sitting still until your heart rate goes back to normal. You get a smile on your face, and you think to yourself ‘wow, I really just did that’.

I love that. I love knowing that I am stronger than I thought I was. I love knowing God is there helping me through everything.

And to take this one step further; I really enjoy looking back and smiling, remember how hard the situation seemed, and smiling because now, looking back, that mountain is no more than a hiccup in life.

Friday, August 7, 2009

things that make me happy.

alright, this is the bunny. He has taken to humping my arm, and if i push him away he tries to bite me. Now, I googled it and found that bunnies that are not fixed do this, he is fixed. So if anyone knows why he is doing this please let me know.

this is a northern. it is the biggest fish i caught on vacation. Fishing was pretty horrible to be honest. the weather was bad and we didnt catch anything really. i had my grandma hold it so i could take a clear picture. We have no cupcake shoppes in Minnesota. the closest i can get are ice cream cupcakes. so not the same. i contacted a bakery in Michigan and asked if they would ship to me... it was a no go. i love how pretty they are. makes me happy looking at them (no joke i cant stop smiling when i see pictures-yes i took more than one- of them).

This of course, is my Nephew Lucas. LOOK HOW BIG HE IS!!!!! he is no longer in an infant car seat!!! and i am really hopeing that is just water in there.