Thursday, January 26, 2012

good starts

Two posts in one month… wow I must be going crazy!

I wanted to update everyone on how the 400 miles in a year is going. To be honest, its going very slow. So far I am only at 13.5 miles. BUT I think that is a great start! And my goal is to do 20 miles by the end of January, and I am on track for that. and then I need 40 miles in February and in march to be on track to 400 this year; so I have my work cut out for me.

Also! I am thinking about going to school to become a sonography (ultrasound) tech. I still have things to work out but as for now I am thinking of moving into a dorm room in the fall and living off of student loans for 3 years to go to school and get a career in ultrasounds! I am very excited for it; but I have not decided anything yet. But right now, in all honesty, it feels like a great fit for me.

I am being responsible again this year, and it is off to a good start. I feel like being positive and going after the things you want really does work out. I just have to commit to something and follow through..which is much harder than it sounds. But I am started off on the right foot with disciplining myself on the elliptical.

Please wish me luck in all that I am aiming for, I am going to need a lot of support in order to accomplish it.



Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hello World!

Hello World! Boy, do I have a lot to tell you. I was in Vancouver with Gord for five weeks, and I will not deny I have never been happier in my life. Just being able to see him every day. and to nag him in person, what could be better?

And then I came home. and everything sort of went south. And I was all negative and omg this is horrible I don’t know how to deal with it. you know, a bunch of rubbish. And then I remembered BE POSITIVE JESSICA. And I changed my way of thinking, and things are looking up again.

I am thinking of going to school to become a sonography tech (ultrasounds and stuff). It would be a very big change, and would require me taking out student loans to live on, and me living in a dorm. But I am really in love with this idea. I haven’t finalized anything yet, but I have been excited about it for about a week now, so its looking good.

I am running! Well, on the elliptical. And I am totally doing great at it. but right now it has a horrible squeak (the elliptical, not me) so I haven’t used it for two days; and let me tell you my legs are yelling at me that they want to run.

So I am going over to my parents house this morning to take some WD-40 to hopefully fix it. I am also eating healthy again and whatnot.

And I am back to work. at trugreen (which is just as horrible as last year) and my Nanny job (which I love).

Stacy and I are friends again. I don’t think I mentioned that.

Valentine ’s Day is coming up. I have to remember to remind Gord, because I would like my card on time (I ask for so much, I know).

Oh! My bunnies! They are fantastic! I really do love them. they are great cuddlers…let me tell you!

I hope everyone is doing well!

Love you very much