Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2012 here i come.

Last years new year resolution was to forget responsibility and travel and learn more about myself; and I did just that. I started the year out with Gord in Chicago, and I could not have imagined anything better. We had an absolutely amazing time.

Then off to DC on a train, with my grandmother. It created a lot of memories for both of us, and I enjoyed the time with her. after DC I saw Glee *live* in concert with my old man friend, Keith. I always have a great time annoying the bejesus out of him, so it was good.

Then I moved out onto my own. I found my own place, signed my lease (no cosigner for me) and out of the nest I went. The next week I saw backstreet boys in concert (amazing) and flew to Vancouver to be with my love.

Things didn’t slow down. I started being a nanny to three wonderful brats ermm I mean kids, I went on a cruise, and ended the year spending over a month back in Vancouver (I really love this city). I ate healthier this year and found I loved the elliptical.

I would say it is rather successful.

This year my resolution is to run 400 miles on the elliptical (yea..thats a lot). And to continue to eat EVEN HEALTHIER.

I think I already drive stacy crazy with my ‘I only eat whole grain pasta’ ‘why do you eat that? if you do this instead its soo much healthier for you’ ‘omg I will cook for you. you are not eating out every night!’

I would also like to continue to save, so hopefully Gord and I can go on a cruise at the end of the year.

I have also decided this is the year I am going to find out what I am going to go to school for. And go back to school for it, even if its part time.

I have big ambitions, but I know I can get them all done.

Here is to a new, healthier, even better year for 2012.

Friday, December 9, 2011


Gordon is all ‘eat healthy be healthy blah blah blah’ and I totally agree; even with the blah blah blahs, but I am a women. Which means chocolate is vital for my survival in this world. So today, I walked to a drug store (like a snyders in the states), and bought a BIG bag of mixed chocolate candies. I then sat on the couch and ate a crapload of them.

And now I feel like crap. But at least I have candies hidden (oh yes I went there)?

I have decided I don’t really have anything to write about, and don’t have any motivation to write. But I love my blog, and sometimes I do feel I need to write in it or get something off my chest. So it will stay here, but I will not be writing at all often.

My first day in Vancouver (I am here until the second week in January) I was all ‘I am going to be so cool and walk here and there and everywhere and explore and be super amazing and just like a local’ what happened was a wee different. I ended up getting lost. And walked into the wrong apartment complex when a cleaner guy opened the door for me and called me darling more than once and questioned who I was and what I was doing there and inspected my keys, only to find out when I walked away from him it was the wrong building. I also got a little lost walking to the seawall and that’s how I ended up all over.

But you know? I love living with Gord. We are starting to get comfortable around each other (I was little spooned last night because he said something mean and I was gassy…that will teach him). I plan on upping the kissing, I just have to get the courage to do it.

We cook dinner together every night which I love. I am doing the dishes so he can do what he has to do, and that means more time for me (and you thought I was doing it to be nice to him).

Everything is going well, and I am glad we have been giving this opportunity to have this time together.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Would you like to know what i am doing? Eating cereal and watching vampire diaries. Last night, I had ice cream for dinner. Today, I thought about how I NEED the elliptical but then I saw a picture of the cast of vampire diaries…and all hope was lost, and we won’t even talk about how messy my house is; or that I am hosting this month’s book club and haven’t started the book yet.

You know what happens when I get my period? I become functional. I do as little as possible, and I try not to eat too much chocolate. Because in all honestly, all my body wants to do is nothing. And eat. And for someone trying to lose weight, it sucks. So I told myself, I may have ice cream last night but NO MORE. And I wont have to get on the elliptical now, but AFTER work I need at least 30 minutes. Its all about tricking the body into thinking it got what it wants.

Because the cereal? Kashi cheerio’s. haha. And my body thought it got sugar.

Hopefully this goes away fast, because I am having trouble tricking my body. it is much better at tricking me.

Monday, October 10, 2011

another list

10 things happening now (since lists are easy)

1. I am trying to win 1000$ from the radio (keyword: TRYING)

2. I cleaned my kitchen and the rabbit cage! Now I need to work towards the rest of my house..

3. I went to the zoo with my sister this weekend. I think she is really nervous about having a baby

4. I am rather pissed off at my internet company at the moment. I believe IT IS their fault when I don’t have internet, they believe otherwise.

5. I cant wait to see Eric and Kayla again (they are 2 and 4) so we can snuggle and they can drive me crazy

6. I am not making plans next weekend. Next weekend belongs to me.

7. Elliptical and eating healthy are the way to go. The numbers on the scale CAN go down instead of up!

8. Getting laid off puts a lot of stress on you, and makes you worry about money and about going on a cruise.

9. Last week I turned 22 ½.

10. When I look in the mirror I love the beautiful person I see looking back at me.

Monday, October 3, 2011


I will be laid off in about 6 weeks.

I go on a cruise in 3 weeks.

In 8 weeks I will be spending 4 weeks in Vancouver. With my love.

I find I have a hard time sitting still. Since this year has begun, I have been constantly moving. Going on trips planning trips, exploring Minnesota. Going on all sorts of adventures.

So this weekend, was a challenge for me. every time I moved my head would hurt more and more. And I couldn’t keep my eyes focused on anything. I slept almost the entire day, and if I wasn’t sleeping I was taking a bath to feel better.

Being sick is horrible. it makes me feel really bad for those that are sick more than they are well. How do they sit around and do nothing all the time? how do they not go crazy?

My mom isn’t doing well. She is having surgery in December. You can tell she is in a lot of pain, and it hurts when she moves. She isn’t very happy. she loves going out and doing things. And she still does, but you can tell she is in constant pain. Its hard to watch because she hates sitting still. But, December is almost here. Hopefully the recovery process will be shorter than expected.

I hope all of you are doing well.

Love you


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

2 days

10 Things that have happened in the past day or two:

1. I realized more often than not, I squeal when looking in my jewelry box and finding the perfect thing for my outfit.

2. I went to target (which is dangerous in itself) and forgot my list, but decided WHAT THE HEY I can do this! And left with 2 of the 6 things on my forgotten list, and a few new things not on it.

3. I cut myself with a really sharp knife and found I can’t find my band aids. Only to realize AFTER I drove to work with my bleeding finger, they are in my medicine cabinet.

4. I gave Heratio a pep talk on how to NOT let Albert bite his ears.

5. I got motivated to do the elliptical AND talked myself out of needed a cookie for breakfast.

6. I have avoided doing the dishes. Who needs a sink or counterpace anyway?

7. I have started my list for what I need to pack for my cruise.

8. I have informed Gord of some of the things I am planning to do while I am there in December, and he is at work (note: he doesn’t get a say).

9. I admitted to myself the reason my pants are getting tighter is because I am eating more and exercising less (please look at number 5 again).

10. I got to shop for a baby present!


11. I found out I am going to be a Godmother!!