Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Boyfriend.

i have been informed ya'll want to hear about him. i really dont know what to say. but i will admit he is my favorite thing to talk about.

things i like about Boyfriend

-sarcastic, even more than me.
-can edit my papers (if i get the courage to send them to him, i know he will find A LOT of ways to improve them)
-makes me feel wanted
-loves me
-random (lightning bugs)
-willing to give up sleep for me
-understands my weirdness
- loves fishing
-and camping!!!!!
- will get a long with my friends
-is open minded
- puts up with my stupidity
- makes me laugh
- comforts me
- doesnt mind clammy hands
- allows me to be

i could go on and on and on but i wont....

and just for you- :0

(tee hee he knows what it means)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

its that time again..

it is december 24th dinner has been served, and the home made lasagna was delicious (my mom even did one with tofu so i could eat also!) we went to church (she didnt even cry this time) and now it is time to relax, listen to some christmas songs, and go to bed.

at 10:00 its time to go to bed, the earlier you go to bed the sooner santa will come (laugh it up, but yes he still comes)!!

the anticipation for what is to come is overwhelming. sleep is IMPOSSIBLE. after 2 hours of looking at the ceiling thinking about nothing and everything at the same time, my eyes get heavy and i fall alseep.

3am- TIME TO WAKE UP!!!! my sister and i sneak down stairs to see if santa has come..yup. he has. it is now time to quietly look around (we cant touch anything,that gets us in trouble). after walking around for a couple minutes we gather up blankets and pillows and fall asleep next to the tree.

6am- time to wake up and go see if my mom and grandma (the grandparents come down and stay with us) will come downstairs.

6:30-mom and grandma venture downstairs with tired eyes.

7-perfect time to get everyone else up!!

7:15- make coffee for old people and sit quiet and still, so we dont get into trouble.

7:30 video camera is out and we are ready for the festivities to begin!

10am- presents are opened, dad is cranky, grandparents are tired. time to sneak upstairs and go back to bed for the afternoon.

*also note that people dont put presents under the tree until december 23rd because i am known for snooping*

i think i am going to be worse than my kids..i will be waking them up...tee hee.

whats your christmas like?

Monday, October 27, 2008

slacking already

i am a horrible writer. i cant focus..i am not good at describing things...i suck at writing. simple as that.

my goal is to pick a topic and write about that.

i need ideas for topics..
they took the dock out of the lake...i will have to find a different place to sit and think..

i guess i will have to walk along the beach...

i will post again today with an actual topic. not just pictures.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

7 days without..

Boyfriend and i decided to not do anything for 7 days.
no masturbating for 7 days.
no orgasms for 7 days.


the damn ideas i come up with..

Friday, October 24, 2008

corny first blog

want to get down to it?
no holding back?
you really want to know me that well?
what if you dont like what i have to write?
what if you find you dont like me?
do you even know me?

this blog will be a sort of way to release whatever i have on my mind. feel free to comment. i am okay with the negative and positive.

i will be using surrnames on here, cuz i think that is pretty cool.

now that the first blog junk is done i will go and think of an actual topic to post about...