Sunday, July 24, 2011


Operation scare the crap out of myself is working well.

Let me tell you where I have been the past month.

I moved into the city. On Franklin and Park Ave. I have an AMAZING apartment that I love very very much. I moved in and unpacked and it is perfect for me. I truly do love it.

I also went to Vancouver and stayed with le Boyfriend. I love him so gosh darn much. We are so amazing together, it always makes me sad when I BUT little does he know, I will be staying for a month in December. And so he will have to put up with all of my crap then. muahaha. We had a wonderful time, and I really hope it works out with him and I. but if it doesn’t, I will not have any regrets.

I also got to see Lucas!!! He and I hung out, and went down slides and saw duckies. I love that little guy.

I have bookclub tonight, the book was okay. not something I would recommend to anyone though.

I am at the library now, I hope to have my internet set up next week so I can update you all more!


Saturday, July 2, 2011

July 7th

As of July 7th 2011 my life will be changed. I will have my own apartment. I will have a place to call my own. I will have to go to my moms house to do my laundry.

I will have a 600 square foot studio apartment, with a teeny tiny kitchen and a teeny bathroom. With not enough closet space, and it is all mine.

I will have a bay window, and hardwood floors and a decorate fireplace. I will live in an old building with old woodwork.

I will have bills and I will have to be responsible.

And then, 9 days later my life will be changing even more.

I will be going to Vancouver and visiting Gord. And this is the visit where we talk about what it will take for me to stay there longer. What kind of visa I need to get. This will be the visit where we decide the future of our relationship.

This is the year for changes. And I am making them happen. and honestly, I don’t think I have ever been happier.