Thursday, July 30, 2009


I am doing the last minute emails and messages and last minute things that need to be taken care while I am out of town. I have started getting into the blogging thing again. I have so much to read still though. I have blogs from a month ago that I have not read yet. When I get back things should calm down for a week or two and then I will be back in school, something I am very scared about.

It’s a little after three AM, and I am wide awake, I have a majority of my stuff packed, and I am very excited about leaving in the afternoon tomorrow. My family keeps joking around about the Bestie driving ‘if you leave my 1pm than you will be there by 11pm’….. it’s a three hour drive. I am excited, the Bestie and I have not spend nearly as much time together as we should be. I am worried that our guys will get in the way of us bonding during this week. I am also very very excited about having a bed buddy, for an entire week! who wouldn’t love that?

I am worried about leaving my beloved Bunny (whom is named Hershey) for a week with my sister, I don’t know if she will give him enough attention or not. I guess the only thing to do is to find out.

I feel as if I am slowly figuring things out. The pieces are slowly getting put together again. I do not know what I want to do with my life as of yet, but I know what I want to do with the time that I have right now. I have amazing friends that will stick with me through anything,. I have developed a very great support system of friends and I absolutely do not know what I would do without them.

I will see you all when I get back in a week.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So my sister and I went to the humane society and were just looking at everything, no intention of adopting (as is the norm). We saw the dogs, and the cats. We then swooped by to see the rabbits. There was a man that was holding one, telling me how awesome it was (he seemed a little off his rocker) and I knew my sister would want to hold the rabbit, so I asked if he minded if I held it.

He said sure and handed the rabbit over. I went into one of the safety rooms, and my sister followed.

We both fell in love with this rabbit. We started texting our mom, telling her we were coming home with a rabbit, she told us to just not come home (she did not like the idea). My sister and I could not leave without this cute little bunny, no way.

We knew if we could get our mom to hold the bunny, she wouldn’t make us take it back, but that would be hard. We also had to make sure we could return it if we couldn’t talk her into it.

We asked questions, filled out the paperwork and then the lady asked me if we lived with parents... we did. She said that in order to adopt the rabbit one of our parents had to come in and see the bunny and okay it.... not possible.

So, she put the rabbit on a hold for us, for 24 hours so we could try to get our mom or dad to come in. my sister and I then advised a plan.

We would call the guy my sister babysits for and have HIM come in and pretend to be her dad (my step dad). so, we got a hold of him, and as luck would have it he was driving this way, so he wouldn’t mind stopping in.

so our 'dad' got there and held the bunny, and LOVED him. We talked to the same lady, and finished the paperwork for the adoption.

WOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!! We now had our very own bunny!!!!!!!!

We then brought him in the house and my mom was NOT HAPPY. She told us to take him back. NOW. She wouldn’t even look at him. We did our sad faces, let the bunny say hi to the dogs and pretty much just gave the bunny a lot of attention. Finally my mom looked at the paperwork and said if my dad said yes, we could keep him.

So we had to drive to my dad’s work. My mom then told us we should probably lie and say we found the bunny outside. So we devised a story that the bunny was outside with the dogs, just chilling and when we put our hand down he just came right up to us (the bunny really does do this). So we found my dad, and told him what had happened. He said we should put up some flyers because obviously someone had lost a bunny, and if it is not found we could keep him.

WOOO HOOOO!!!!! Now we really FOR SURE have a bunny.

So, now I am chilling on my bed with the bunny hopping around, really loving his company; while my dad is downstairs searching for missing rabbits.

Monday, July 27, 2009


Lately people have been writing short letters to people. I think I am going to do the same.

Dear God,
Please help me answer some of my questions. I know you are out there, but what religion is the right one for me? it would help me a lot of you could maybe show me a direction in which I should go for this one.

Dear brother,
Your drinking is hurting the entire family; so is your drug use. I know you are a great person but when you drink you turn into a monster. I love you more than you will ever know, but I cant have anything to do with you when you drink.

Dear job market,
If you could please give me an amazing job that I love and gives me more money than I am making now, I promise to treat you really well.

Dear Nephew,
At night I think about how you are sleeping down in texas and how I am missing out on everything in your life. I am sorry I cant be the aunt I want to be, when you are older I hope we get to spend more time together. I love you.

Dear TV,
I don’t have time for you! I am sorry, but when I check out what you have recorded and I have almost 50 hours, I freak out and turn you off. When I turn you off I hope that somehow those shows will go away, but when I come back and there are more, I FREAK OUT.

Dear sewing machine,
I plan on using you more. I hope you are prepared.

Dear sleep,
I like you best when you are at least eight hours or leave me because of a sweet text. I also like you best when I am naked. Thank you for keeping me sane.

Friday, July 24, 2009

cuddling dreams

I have had these amazing dreams lately. I think others would agree with me on that point. They are rather simple, no action, no running around, no sex even(would that constitute as being categorized under action?). they are plain and simple. And I will try and convey one of them to you here.

Usually it starts out with me waking up, with someone next to me. the feeling of the warmth of their body next to mine. In the dream I can tell they love me and I love them as well. Usually his arms are around me, and our legs are touching. He nuzzles my neck with his nose and squeezes his arms around me. I take in his scent and keep my eyes closed. We stay cuddled together, enjoying each others company.We fall back asleep, in our lovers embrace. Eventually I wake up and turn around so I am facing him, and then we cuddle that way for a little while.

It’s a really simple dream, but I love it. and to be honest, it’s the best dream I think I have ever had. And I love that I have them almost every night. I love the feeling that is inside them, being protected and having someone love me so much. And I love knowing that one day this will all happen.

I am getting all gushy now aren’t I? I will stop now.

Sorry for being MIA, everything is super busy.

Friday, July 3, 2009


My adventure.

I had to go and get tabs for my car, a simple enough task. My mom was going with me (I didn’t want to go by myself). She told me to grab my drivers license and off we went. On the way over I was looking at my drivers license and saw the expiration date… February 2009…

Remember I got pulled over? That cop didn’t say anything.. I guess I got really lucky.

So we went to the DMV (it’s a different place than where you get Tabs) and I filled out the paper work, and we waited in line. And waited.

And waited.

There was an old lady and an old man. The lady was very cranky and all mean, but the man was joking around and was funny. He actually seemed nice.

Apparently if your DL expires before you apply for a new card, you have to take the written test again.

There is no way I can pass that test.

So we waited in line.

then we were next in line, and both the people were free. My sister and I were goofing off (she wanted me to get the lady) and trying to see who I would get.

I got the old man.


So I walk up and tell him ‘yea… I looked at my DL today and it was expired…’ he laughed at me and told me ‘yea I hate when that happens’ and then he asked if I had been pulled over and I said yes, for having a light out but the cop didn’t say anything. He was pretty amazed by then.

He then told me how much I had to pay, and to step over there to get my picture taken (it kinda sucked because I ran out of the house with no make up and my hair was up in a pony, so the pic will suck).

And then I had to sign and blah blah blah. And the old man told me ‘with your luck you should hit up the casino soon’ and I laughed at him.

It was funny. And then I left.

Good story right?