Saturday, May 22, 2010


My sister goes grocery shopping with my mom and picks out the cereal that she would like to have. Then she comes home and before anyone else (really only me) can see it, she hides that box.

I know she hides it because every couple of weeks I wake up and get really excited; I see a box of some REALLY AWESOME cereal on the counter and get a bowl out. I get all excited and plan on filling my bowl to the brim with this awesome cereal, only to pick up the box and find it empty.

So, I do what anyone in my situation would do. I get my favorite cereal knowing that my sister doesn’t like it, and put it in the cupboard. I eat it in the mornings and enjoy waking up to cereal.

Well, yesterday (Friday) I had cereal and knew there was only enough in the box for one more bowl. So I was going to wake up on Saturday morning and have it.

The plans got changed.

My dad came home, and as it turns out his favorite cereal is the same as my favorite cereal.

I had to have toast for breakfast this morning.

I think I am going to hide cereal as well.

Or look harder and find where my sister hides hers.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

one hurdle

I enjoy masturbating. I enjoy masturbating, a lot. About 3 times a day, more times on a good day. when I am stressed out, I masturbate. When I am sad I masturbate, when I have a headache or am sick, I think you can guess what I do.

There is nothing other than being too tired to do it that stops me. it is easy to put me in the mood, and unless I am super tired, I will be up for it. why not? Why not have an orgasm?

So, I am used to doing it whenever I want, as often as I want. But being in a relationship has changed that. I try to wait until he is home from work, and we can do it together. That means usually we can do it at night (after 9- have to wait for those free minutes to kick in). so about once a day. Monday thru Fridays, weekends are rather easy as we have all day.

I can do it whenever I want, I know that. but I always feel a wee bit selfish when I do it without him. because his sex drive is just as high as mine (maybe even higher…) and I know how hard he works and how much he enjoys doing it together as well. So, I try to wait. But once a day, five days a week is NOT enough for me. I need more.

And we can do it twice at night, but then after the second time he gets exhausted and falls asleep within 15 minutes, and I sort of like to talk a little more than that. so, we can play my favorite game ‘Jessica gets to orgasm and you get to listen’, but then I feel like a tease (and hey, lets face it, I am a tease).

This is just one of the hurdles we face in a long distance relationship.

At least I get to think about him whenever I masturbate.

Friday, May 7, 2010


Things I did today (because I know you all care)
• At work today I totally put together a sailboat (twas fake), I think I am ready to take on the real thing now.
• I made an egg today for lunch and followed my instincts, when I smelled something burning I flipped the egg (my cooking skills are improving!)
• I realized today when mothers day is this year.
• I laughed really hard at ‘sneaky gays’ via Sue Sylvester’s (sp) news broadcast
• When I was running my errands I wore my winter jacket.
• After being cold in my bedroom for about a week now, I finally got the courage to shut my bedroom window
• I shed a tear or two when thinking about how often Gord works, and how little I get him
• Smiled when I saw gas prices are starting to go down again
• Laughed at my dog when she had to go outside in the rain
• Decided I love mini peanut butter cups (yum)

Wewh, what a productive day. now I am starving and have to go to the grocery store and decide what to have for dinner..

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

list of 10

It is time again for a positive/happy/ in love with list. Because I am having a rather downer of a day, and need something to cheer me up.

1. The trees are green! Yay!!
2. I love being in a book club! I love getting together with them and meeting new friends and having a grand ‘ol time.
3. I am really in love with Disney’s ‘I just can’t wait to be king’ song from the lion king. I must say, I do a phenomenal job of acting out that song. Eye rolls and ROARS and everything.
4. I am really lucky that Heracio is such a cuddly bunny. I love wrapping him in my arms and giving him a kiss or two or ten.
5. Naps with Maggie (or dog)!!!! I love how she cuddles up to me.
6. My plans for hiking!!! I found a trail about an hour from my house. And the next day I have off and Gord has to work.. I am totally going out there for an adventure.
7. Hot showers! Even if it is 80 degrees outside, I still love hot showers
8. Have you tried my spaghetti? It is amazing!
9. I am up to 18 followers! That is amazing to me!
10. Listening to Gord breathe makes me happy. I have no idea why. But just listening to him has a calming effect on me. Sometimes during the day I wish I could just hear him breathe.