Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Would you like to know what i am doing? Eating cereal and watching vampire diaries. Last night, I had ice cream for dinner. Today, I thought about how I NEED the elliptical but then I saw a picture of the cast of vampire diaries…and all hope was lost, and we won’t even talk about how messy my house is; or that I am hosting this month’s book club and haven’t started the book yet.

You know what happens when I get my period? I become functional. I do as little as possible, and I try not to eat too much chocolate. Because in all honestly, all my body wants to do is nothing. And eat. And for someone trying to lose weight, it sucks. So I told myself, I may have ice cream last night but NO MORE. And I wont have to get on the elliptical now, but AFTER work I need at least 30 minutes. Its all about tricking the body into thinking it got what it wants.

Because the cereal? Kashi cheerio’s. haha. And my body thought it got sugar.

Hopefully this goes away fast, because I am having trouble tricking my body. it is much better at tricking me.