Sunday, November 16, 2008

time for a change.

I notice that I as a person have a tendency to focus on the negative. And that is not always a bad thing, but, I am trying to change myself for the better.

So yes, I will probably focus on the negative, but I will not talk about it.
Talking about the negative will only bring negative things on. and while there is a lot of drama in my life and all that rubbish, I am simply going to not pay attention to it anymore.

I know that stories of my brothers stupidity are entertaining, so if I feel like telling you a story that will have you peeing yourself with laughter I will bring him up.

But that will be purely for your enjoyment. Other than that I am going to focus on the positive. So in celebration to my new way of thinking, I am making a list of a bunch of good qualities I have. And at the end of each blog I will post 3 positive things that are going on. because I think reminding myself of the good things will be good for me, and will help keep me positive.

-I am a really great color-er
-I can make people laugh
-I am a pretty darn good hugger
-I have had the same besties for a very long time now
- have you seen my boobs? Hello, awesome.
-I am caring
-snow is coming!!
-Taylor Swifts CD is awesome.
- I have a job interview on Thursday!! Eekk!
-I can walk in heels
-I can read, and write.
-I have an ipod
-I know how to fish
- I am a great listener
-I stand up for what I believe in
-I am supportive
- I can sing along to the radio, with almost every song!
- I am unique.
-dude! I have curly hair!
- I have people that care about me
- I am employed

You know? Maybe I should pick the guitar up again.. I was doing really well with teaching myself chords until I got bored…hm..

I have to go out and get that chick a birthday present now. She is going to love it, and it is going to be JUST WHAT SHE ALWAYS WANTED. Just wait and see.

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    Seriously, do it, DO IT!