Wednesday, November 12, 2008


We as a nation are lazy. Do not try and argue with me, you know it is true. We really are.

We sit with our computers on our laps and our TVs turned on, and complain about wanting more. And more, and even more. We have more than enough. Why do we always have to have the latest thing to make us seem cool or to make us feel better about ourselves. Are we really that materialistic?

Why do I feel the need to have 150 pairs of shoes? A bag in every color? The need to watch all of the NEW shows? If I do not have these things the world will continue to go ‘round, nothing will change.

As a nation we have more than enough. Why are we still producing everything? Maybe what we need is to just stop. Stop consuming so damn much. Get out there and live.

Why do we need so much? I know I am just as bad as the next person. Compared to other nations we have it really well. We do not need to go out and capture our own dinner, we can talk on the phone anywhere. Why do we feel that is not enough?

We are lazy, and we always want more than the next person. And it is pathetic. We are completely self centered.

And I am through with it. I will no longer live my life like that. I will only buy what I need. no extra.

I am going to start limiting my ‘luxuries’ to simply show people you do not need them.

Now, where the hell is my remote..

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  1. I have a question.

    Is Mr. Purple considered a luxury?