Sunday, November 2, 2008

damn TV

do any of you have a DVR? well you have it good. mine is not working. and let me tell you, stressing over the DVR or the fact that i have to play 5000 dollars back to the school by friday, i have picked the DVR.

it is hooked up to my room and my sisters room. and for some reason my remote is not working, so i cant watch any of the programs on there. and i can use my TV to watch shows (meaning i would have to sit through the commercials, can we say torture?)

so i set it up to the 'single' TV mode, that way whatever is on my sisters TV is on mine. since she is out having ice cream with the neighbors i dont think she would mind this set up.

so i wrote her a nice note telling here what i did and went to my room.

everything was set up perfect, i would have to sit through the commercials, but at least i would be able to watch everything!


i walked up to my TV and was going to turn up the volume..but..i accidentally changed the channel. and i cant find ANY remote to turn it back, and of course i need channel 3 to get the satellite thingy up and the TV goes from channel 2 to channel 4. so i am screwed.

so now, i am sitting in my sisters watching all the TV programs from last week. this sucks.

but hey, at least no commercials!!

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