Monday, March 2, 2009


Dedication to

I get home from work, say hi to my brother and father who are downstairs, and go up to my room.

I then get an IM from my brother.

Bro: JESS!!!!!
Me: yea?
Bro: twix died.
(I am shocked I don’t really know what to say, twix is my guinea pig, about 5 years old)
Me: what?
Bro: yea mom put him in the garage.

I begin to cry. I am bawling and I go into my sisters room to get the phone, still crying.

Sister: whats wrong?
Me: twix died.
Sister: oh yea I know.
(she then turns to watch the TV)

I call the bestie, thinking she will cry with me. she will be as upset as me.

Me: (BAWLING) twix d-d-died.
Bestie: what?
Me: twix d-d-died.
Bestie: oh. Well that’s sad.



  1. hey now. that is sad. tb was awesome! and those beautiful big brown eyes! i will miss him dearly and i tried to be nice about it, i mean i think i did better then they did! i was just in shock. and i thought about it later in the evening after the phone called, and my eyes did get teary and i was very sad thinking about him.

  2. So sorry about Twix! Last May my favorite cat died ... I cried for hours.

    Thank you for stopping by our blog! Yes, the '3 authors' thing is a little confusing...there is a pic of all 3 of us on the right side - GG is sitting, TFF is standing with her hair pulled back and I (KIA) am the other one!

  3. Well dang that sux!!!
    Sorry bout ole Twix.