Wednesday, March 25, 2009


My sister and I are driving around and everything is going fine. The rain keeps pouring down making it a little hard to see, but thank goodness for windshield wipers. Due to the road conditions no one is going the speed limit, but I am OK with that.

I find it interesting that in Minnesota we can drive in blizzards and be cool with everything but as soon as it rains we don’t know how to react…

Up ahead there is a stop light; it just turned red so the cars are starting to slow down. I can see the red brake lights getting closer and closer.

I start pushing my foot on the break, nothing is happening.

Wet roads, cars are getting closer and closer to us.

My foot has no affect..

My life is now flashing before my eyes.

I am praying that my family will not morn my death, that they will move on.

And then something magical happens.

We start to stop.

That’s when I remember…

My sister is driving.

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