Saturday, March 14, 2009

socks. stay far away!

Can I be honest with you? I am falling for the newbie.
And I am scared about that.

So. I hate socks; actually let’s get a little deeper.

I hate feet.

I think all feet are ugly, yes even yours. And don’t even try to say ‘well look at your feet’ because I am the first to admit that my feet are ugly.

Sorry, it’s just the truth. And if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.

M y hatred for socks goes a long way, ever since I was a child. I wear then as little as possible. Even in the winter I will wear some stilettos when its -20 degrees outside and my feet will freeze but, it is much better to not feel my feet then to wear socks.

Why do I hate socks? I think they are disgusting. Your feet sweat. DON’T EVEN TELL ME THEY DON’T!! Feet sweat; end of story. And if you are wearing socks the sweat just goes in those socks, the socks soak it up and then your feet are sitting in the sweat. And then a couple hours later, your feet sweat again and your socks soak it up again.

So in actuality when wearing socks you are surrounded by sweat.

So don’t tell me socks aren’t gross. And don’t ask me to pick up your dirty socks; because more than likely I will treat them like the plague.


  1. well I don't have a take on feet. But don't your feet also sweat in shoes? So if you dont wear socks (which you wear once and then wash (I Hope) then aren't you constantly putting your feet not only in todays seat but yesterdays, last weeks and 2 months ago sweat?

    Seems to me if that sparked the sock aversion then you have it bass ackwards.

  2. I prefer socks in the winter when I'm wearing boots and such. Summer time? Sandals? SOCKS BE GONE!

    And I agree. Feet are extremely ugly. Except for my kids' feet. Just too damned cute.