Wednesday, March 18, 2009

on vaca

Hi everyone! I am typing this out Saturday morning, still on vacation (left Saturday).

As of now (Wednesday) I will be:
Freaking out about no computer
Super horny
Wondering about all of you and wondering what I am missing
Thinking about how I will be missing HNT, my favorite day of the week
Thinking about the newbie and missing him tons
Laughing at Stacy’s fear of the bears at night
(I plan on tricking her again saying I felt a mouse)
Stacy and I most likely are arguing like crazy
Stacy will be hogging the ENTIRE bed!!
I will be thinking about the newbie
I will be walking around outside
Trying to tame the wild cats (I am awesome at it)
I will be thinking about the newbie
I will be freaking out at how many twitters I am missing
I will be playing tetris in my sleep
I will be really missing the newbie.

Hope you are all having fun! I know I am! I love vacation!


  1. Sounds like fun!!
    Sigh does the newbie and the super horny have anything in common?!