Sunday, March 22, 2009


We have a fake spider in my house; it is about the size of a fifty cent piece, and black. We have had it for about a year now; and for some reason it just won’t go away. I find it in different places all the time.

Sometimes it is in-between dish clothes in the draw; sometimes it moves so that it is under the sink by the dog treats; other times it is on the floor next to the fridge.

Every time it moves it seems to found it with a shock to my heart and a jump backwards, often followed by laughter from the other room.

Now, I am not afraid of spiders. I do not know why this one makes me jump.

This weekend my mother and sister are out of town. That means it is my father, brother and myself. This damn spider is showing up everywhere.

My father found it on his coffee pot, and then it was on my sandwich. I did a quick jump back, trying to act like I stepped on something and it was not the damn spiders fault for my reaction. I then took the spider off my sandwich and set it on the counter. Then went and made sure my dad knew how I reacted. We chit chatted for a couple minutes and then I went back to get my sandwich. I then jumped at the spider that was right next to my plate. No joke.

About an hour later I was sitting on the floor with my dog and out of the corner of my eye I saw a large black thing. I made sure not to react this time and pretend I didn’t notice it, I am done jumping from this plastic spider. I turned and was petting my dog and out of the corner of my eye I see the damn thing crawling towards me.

This one was real. I jumped up and screamed (don’t know why. I am not afraid of spiders normally); I then asked my dad to squish it. Through his laughter he handed me some socks (sorry mom) and I smooshed the thing.

Now I have gotten rid of one of them, not I just have to find a way for the plastic one to ‘get lost’.

Had a blast of vaca!!! I have a couple stories to tell from it, just wanted to get this one out while I remembered.


  1. hehe
    throw the plastic one away, then squish the rest!

  2. ew.. and i don't know if i've seen this spider before? but thats gross.