Saturday, February 28, 2009

100 beliefs.

1.I think everyone should have someone to make them French toast.
2.I think aunts should get rights to see their nephews on a regular bases.
3.I think showers should have never ending hot water.
4.I think crack heads that have kids should be fixed.
5.I think there should be a limit of kinds for each person. having 12 kids, and on welfare is insane.
6.I think people that have nothing nice to say, should keep their mouth shut. Unless they are best friends.
7.I believe hands are meant to be held.
8.I believe in telling everyone I love them.
9.I believe in intimacy.
10.I believe if you don’t vote at least once in 5 years, you should lose your citizenship.
11.I believe if you cant get your butt out there to vote for your country, you shouldn't be able to vote for AI.
12.I believe in randomness.
13.I believe in silences, they are not awkward.
14.I believe in asking people how they are doing, to see if they will be open with you and tell you more than ‘fine’
15.I believe that money is not everything, but it makes almost everything easier.
16.I believe in having shoes for every outfit.
17.I believe in dark sunglasses.
18.I believe acoustic music makes everything better.
19.I believe that sometimes you have to let everything out and just cry.
20.I believe God challenges everyone in their own way, but he knows you can survive it.
21.I believe in chapstick.
22.I believe every girl should have a boy on her side and in her corner.
23.I believe in love.
24.I believe in treating people the way you want to be treated.
25.I believe in positivity.
26.I believe in being healthy and happy, for yourself.
27.I believe in stars and hearts.
28.I believe in fairness.
29.I believe ice cream makes everything better.
30.I believe age is just a number.
31.I believe that not everyone has Good in them.
32.I believe Taylor Swift writes songs about my life.
33.I believe in cereal.
34.I believe in best friends.
35.I believe in sherly temples for being sophisticated.
36.I believe in compliments.
37.I believe in glitter.
38.I believe in art projects.
39.I believe museums make the world go round.
40.I believe in being committed to someone.
41.I believe in monogamy.
42.I believe in equal rights.
43.I believe in mascara.
44.I believe shoes make a girl feel better.
45.I believe in hugs.
46.I believe cuddles have the power to make the world stop.
47.I believe in flirting.
48.I believe attention is best in large forms.
49.I believe in communication.
50.I believe in being blunt.
51.I believe music is enough to heal anything.
52.I believe in jeans and t-shirts.
53.I believe in fishing.
54.I believe in camping.
55.I believe in bug spray.
56.I believe in snowball fights and snowmen.
57.I believe in stories that start with ‘one day you and I...’
58.I believe in James Dan and Audrey Hepburn.
59.I believe in lazy days.
60.I believe in education.
61.I believe in boyfriends.
62.I believe in aliens.
63.I believe in independency.
64.I believe in piggy banks.
65.I believe in candles
66.I believe in free candy at the bank
67.I believe in laughter
68.I believe in the innocence of children
69.I believe in sobriety.
70.I believe in honesty.
71.I believe in poppy seed muffins.
72.I believe in saying hi to strangers
73.I believe in helping old ladies at the grocery store.
74.I believe DVR has helped my life for the better.
75.I believe in making people smile
76.I believe in AT LEAST one good deed a day
77.I believe in ghosts.
78.I believe in playing hide and seek, and I spy at random times.
79.I believe in Minnesotan accents.
80.I believe in hats on bad hair days
81.I believe in sleeping in
82.I believe in staying up all night to watch sunrises.
83.I believe in the dollar store being the greatest place to shop.
84.I believe apple juice.
85.I believe in jam, but only if my granny made it.
86.I believe my Grandpa (both) was taken away from us way too early.
87.I believe in baggy sweatshirts.
88.I believe in animal rights
89.I believe in adoption
90.I believe in nudity!
91.I believe in wearing cute panties to feel sexy.
92.I believe in entertaining myself.
93.I believe I can make myself happy.
94.I believe in trusting other people
95.I believe in decorating.
96.I believe in bright colors.
97.I believe in brushing ones teeth
98.I believe cats and dogs can make anyone feel better.
99.I believe in breakfast in bed.
100.I believe in kisses.


  1. I believe in most of those too!!!!
    specially #90!

  2. What a deep thinker! I don't think I had 10 beliefs when I was your age. With that head on your shoulders you are going to go far. You'll also be disappointed a good deal hate to say. Ignorance really is bliss.... But even with disappointments, I think you are the type to learn and grow from them. Damn girl!

    Thanks for stopping by our blog. Yep, there are three of us. All mothers.
    I'm Glamour Girl (GG) going through some sort of crisis....or emerging from it I should say. I would have frightened you had you started reading the blog any earlier. I'm a bit dark.

    Tiny Fists of Fury (TFF) just had a 2nd baby this past weekend and is by far the most conservative of us all. She is a fighter and very black and white. Very little grey area exists in her opinions.

    Miss Know It All (KIA) is entering some sort of crisis but it is brewing under the surface. Not really exposed yet but if you are reading, you probably sense it.

    See, even when you get older the drama doesn't really go away (we've discovered). You just learn more constructive ways to deal. We range in age from 30-40...

    Again, thanks for the comment!

  3. heyy ur reallly cool umm whats ur number i have some questions