Wednesday, February 25, 2009

killer Giraffes.

I should have known that it was coming. The mood swings, the magnetism toward chocolate, tendency toward wanting to be alone, people not doing ANYTHING right. When I look back all of the signs were there; but yet it still came as a surprise. I got my period today. It was a complete surprise for me, even though I should have known. I thought the being more horny than usual was just because I wasn’t masturbating as much as usual. Humpf. I was wrong, and it sucks. So now I am stuck with cramps and mood swings for about another week.

The Bestie spent the night last night. We were lying in bed. I had to warn her.
Me: Bestie, watch out. You know how the window is right there (my bed is in front of the window)? The Giraffes like to stick their head through it at night, so just watch out for that.
Bestie: OMG WHAT!?!? (And she jumps away from the window)

She was scared of the giraffes, we live in Minnesota.

Up north this was a conversation we had at my aunt’s house
We were in a bed that was in front of a window.

Me: hey Bestie be careful because the bears will jump through the window and attack us, and since you are right in front of it, they will get you first.
Bestie: OMG!! (She jumps almost off the bed, as far from the window as she can get) I don’t want to sleep here then! We should move the bed!
M: naw it will be OK. Just be careful.
B: OMG are you serious?
M: {giggle giggle}
B: OMG!!! They will not!!
M :{ giggle giggle} I can’t believe you believed me!

In the morning she asked my aunt if bears would come through the window.

Later on we were at my aunt’s house and we had to be careful. The KILLER hummingbirds were getting too close to her and she had to run away from them. “What they could have killed me with their beaks”.

Back to the giraffe story.

Bestie: I thought they were going to come off of the blanket
Me: uh…what?
Bestie: I thought they would somehow come off the blanket, I thought that’s what you meant.
M: {laughing} this is so going to be a blog.
B: shut up. No its not.


  1. You know, I'm always surprised by my period, too. Even after 25 years.

    Dang. I've had my period every month for 25 years. Thats...300 periods.

    Crap. Now I'm depressed.

  2. I'm so glad I don't have to deal with that.

  3. i know, i dont know how i deal with the Bestie either.

    Coal miner- you mean i wont just start KNOWING when it is coming..crap.

  4. umm i think that Southern sage meant: dealing with your period, not me!!! or at least i hope

    and nice jessica, nice...

  5. Well yeah. I meant with periods!!

  6. lol. yea, i got that. i was just being sarcastic. LOL