Saturday, February 7, 2009


You know how some nights you just want to cuddle? You do not want to be alone, or on your half of the bed. You want to wrap your arms around your lover, and fall asleep in their embrace. You want to feel them breathing in and out as you fall asleep, their chin on your head. You just want to be smooshed together, as if you were one.

Well last night was one of those nights, and my cuddle pillow just was not working. The boyfriend would have worked as a perfect fix to this problem. But since he is in Michigan and I am in Minnesota, and he doesn’t want me driving all that way for a day…

And my cuddle buddy (aka the bestie) was sleeping in her own bed. My other option was my sister, and she has been cranky lately so I did not want to bother her. The option I came up with?


Let me tell you Charlie’s story. You know that store build-a-bear? Yea, I got him from there when I was I think a sophomore in high school. it was a thing my friends and I got into. He has TONS of clothes, his own closet, his own tent and sleeping bag. He has 2 careers. Sunglasses, tons of shoes, tons of hats, numerous outfits, boxers; pretty much everything a child’s doll would have.

Anyway, so I changed Charlie into some boxers (special for valentines day!!) and pajama pants (yes he has pajamas also) and cuddled away. Once I had him in my arms I feel asleep pretty fast.

When I woke up, I changed him into an outfit, put his glasses back on (hey I wear glasses so why cant he? And when he doesn’t have his glasses on? that means he is wearing contacts, just like me J) and before I left to the library for the day I wrapped him in his blanket, just in case he missed my cuddle.

My sister and I did some shopping, and while we were out she asked me if I missed my nephew, because her and my mom saw Charlie, and laughed. And laughed. And laughed.

I don’t see what they thought was so funny, I was just a little lonely last night..

(and if you are wondering, Charlie is a Koala.)

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