Friday, February 6, 2009


I have my own toothpaste tube. My family shares one, and I have my own. And I HIDE it. Not because I am selfish and don’t like sharing (I am actually really easy going and done mind sharing at all. If you need something and I have it, you can take it. No worries), I have my own tube because I am a picky toothpaste person.

Let me tell you about it. You know how you squeeze from the middle, NOT HAPPENING WITH MY TUBE! No way, you squeeze from the end. And as the toothpaste goes down, you bend it over, making it so it is easier to squeeze from the end.

The hard crusty stuff around the cap, and covering the hole making it impossible to get any toothpaste out? That is also banned when it comes to my tube. No hard toothpaste, no need to clean the hole in order to squeeze out the magical cleaning agent. Everything is perfect.
With my tube the cap goes right back on when you are done using it, not in the garbage the first time it gets unscrewed.

Well, my family ran out of toothpaste, so I shared my tube with them. everything seemed to be going well, every time I brush my teeth I fix the tube so that it is seems it is being squeezed from the bottom, there was no hard toothpaste, and the cap was getting placed next to the tube until I went to the bathroom and screwed it back on.

It seemed I could live with this sharing the toothpaste thing.

Until a couple days ago.
I couldn’t find the toothpaste

No need to freak out, I am sure it is somewhere. As my brother walked past the bathroom I yelled out in a [sheer panic] very calm voice ‘hey you have you seen the toothpaste?’ his answer was something like ‘I don’t brush my teeth, I drink enough alcohol that my teeth get clean without it’ or he may have said no, whatever you would like to think was his answer.
I then searched like a [crazy lady] really relaxed go with the flow person for this stupid toothpaste. And I found it. In the downstairs bathroom.

With the cap not screwed on.
Toothpaste (not yet hard) around the outside.
And squeezed from the middle.

Seriously, is my family trying to kill me here? I am trying to be nice and share MY toothpaste. Maybe sharing isn’t what caring is all about, maybe being selfish and forcing your family to get their own toothpaste and you hiding your own tube is the way to go. I am sure that will show them I care.

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  1. Lol
    Drives me friggin insane too!
    Why must people squeeze it from the middle???
    I hate that.