Saturday, November 27, 2010

guest post

Sometimes I have really BRILLIANT ideas that no one really accepts as brilliant. I have a lot of beliefs, and I feel everyone else has just as many as me (at least that is what I like to think). So, I set out a quest to get some beliefs out of Gord. Apparently this is all that he believes in because he started getting cranky at me for continually pestering him about needing to believe in more. So, for your viewing pleasure here is his list. Aka my VERY FIRST guest post (it still counts even though the guest didn’t really know he was guest posting)!

1. I believe bacon tastes great with breakfast
2. I believe in a cold beer after a hard days work
3. I believe in a glass of wine after a good meal
4. I believe a man should be paid what he is worth; not a penny more, or a penny less
5. I believe in fairness
6. And honesty
7. I believe in people that are honorable
8. I believe respect is something that is earned
9. I believe in working hard
10. I believe in Murphy’s Law
11. I believe sometimes you should just stay in bed because the day is not going to go your way
12. I believe you cannot expect other people to treat you well, if you are not going to treat them well.
13. I believe in euthanasia and abortion
14. I believe romance is not dead in this world, its just that a lot of people have forgotten it

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