Sunday, November 21, 2010

Battling the Day

Gord is busy. He runs a company. The time he can spend talking to me is limited. That is how it was when him and I started talking, and that is how it always has been. This will not be changing. These are facts. These are things that I live with and I deal with because I want to be with him.

But sometimes I hate it. I want him to stay in bed and forget about his coffee. I want him to tell me it is all right, and no matter what happens he loves me. I want him to make me feel better. I want to sit on the phone and just know he is there when I am ready to talk. When I am ready to cry.

But he is busy. He has work to do. and so he has to get up in the morning and get his coffee, so he can start on his day.

And I have to battle the day without him.

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