Tuesday, November 23, 2010

must know

Things you may not know about me but should:

1. I see everything in picture form. It doesn’t matter if I have my camera handy or not, I am always thinking ‘omg… that would make an amazing picture’; sometimes that feeling gets so strong I have to stop and take a picture with my phone.
2. I refuse to be mean to someone. I believe there is a difference between being mean and standing up for ones self.
3. I am loud. And I don’t care if people look at me because of it.
4. i always give people the benefit of the doubt. I see things through their eyes as much as I can. It takes something very big for me to decide I don’t like someone, but once I decide that, there is no going back.
5. I am much better at spending money than saving it, I have no self control when I am shopping. That is why I refuse to get a credit card.
6. I watch Ellen everyday.. it takes me about 20 minutes to get through one episode.
7. I buy all of my books because that is cheaper than paying off my library fine.
8. I think about Christmas year round.
9. Heracio is my pet rabbit. My next pet after him will be a dog.
10. I do not like waiting. When something feels right, I want it to happen in that moment. I don’t like waiting until a certain time or date.
11. I am 21 ½. Yes, I did celebrate.
12. I enjoy eating. But I am learning to control that.
13. In high school I was quiet because I knew I was different but didn’t want anyone to dislike me because of it. now that I am older I am more myself than ever before, and I find people like me more.
14. Sometimes I pretend to be mad when really I am hurting.
15. I finished my Christmas shopping well before thanksgiving this year.

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