Saturday, November 6, 2010


Dear Gord,
I really want to update our site today but you said you wanted to do it. and if I am being honest, I like reading your posts more than I like doing them. I made an omelet for breakfast; well it was more scrambled eggs with green pepper and cheese mixed in. but I tired.

You know when we first started talking, and you said something about not being in a hurry to meet, and we will do it when I am ready, but you also said I had to be fair to you; you couldn’t wait forever. And you said something about waiting five years. And in my head I was like ‘yikes, five years I will be 25 and I will still be really young. Maybe we should forget about this because I don’t know if I will be ready’ but I didn’t. because I am sort of selfish when it comes to you.

I have a confession, I have a lot of energy right now, but I have decided I don’t want to do anything. Other than dance, and write this to you. so, I think that is productive enough. Because when you see me dancing, you will realize how entertaining it is. Trust me.

I am amazed at us. I am amazed at everything we have gone through and how strong we are because of it. I am amazed at your ability to love me JUST the way I am.

When my grandma was here last week she made a comment about how happy I am, and how I just seem to ‘glow’. And I laughed and said it was just because I was happy to see her. But I think her and I both know its because of you. by you being yourself, you teach me things every day. you have helped me grow as a person so much this past 10 months.

I am glad we don’t fight. Because I don’t like fighting, and getting all worked up and getting angry at people. I really hate that.

I don’t know what I would do without you. you brighten up my days. you make me smile and laugh every day (even when you are exhausted). I would not change a thing about you.

Thank you for being in my life and being such a powerful presence.

I love you with all of my heart, and I hope we continue to grow together and experience all of life’s obstacles together.

Your Love,

( I would have mailed this to you.. but I think it may be your turn on the penpal thing)

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