Tuesday, October 26, 2010

stories that are short.

Short stories:

I thought the T. Swift cd came out on Tuesday… so I had my lazy day on Monday, and was going to go out and get it on Tuesday and start packing and whatnot. Well, then I found out it actually came out on Monday –insert squeal here-!!!!! So, I got dressed and in my wet hair (I had just gotten out of the shower) I went to the bank. And I thought it was awfully nice that the lady asked me if it was raining out. And it was sprinkling a little, but not as hard as it looked like with my wet hair. So I explained about T.Swift and then realized she was giving me a crazy look because she was asking about the rain because of the umbrella I had in my hand..

I was going out to take pictures today. And I had my camera ready, and I found the shoe that I wanted, and searched and searched for the other shoe. I had no idea where it went, it should have been right there next to the other shoe. I looked down, thinking maybe I missed it; and found the shoe… on my foot.

I hope you are all having a good week!! this lazy week sure is going slow!


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