Tuesday, October 19, 2010

coffee table Love

Stacy has moved into the apartment, and i will be moving in December 1st. we have everything we need, other than a coffee table. so My Love, Gord, said he would like to get that for us as a moving in present.

Him and I were talking about what Stacy and I want, and it seemed we were all three on the same page. something simple that can hold storage.

And then Gord and I both did a google search.. and the thoughts of this being easy diminished. he showed me this:

... and that is not at all what Stacy and I were thinking.

So, since I am the nicest girl ever I tried to steer him in the right direction with this piece:

My Love informed me that was not a coffee table.. but an ottoman, since I am young and hip -ahem- I educated him on this being the new trend; he still doesnt seem to be too fond of trends that are from 1940 and beyond.

I am still playing nice and I found a piece that is a good match for what we both want:

... and Mr. Picky does really like the wood on something like this.. but he doesn't really like the top of it.

And this is picking out a coffee table for a place he isnt even living in. this is making me nervous for the day (if the day comes) that him and I decorate a house we will be living in together.

Well, at least he goes on a hunting trip for a week.. that would be enough time to decorate a house.. right?


  1. What ever happened to 2 milk crates and a piece of cardboard....dang uppity kids