Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I got off of work today at 5pm. I drove home, and by 5:24 I was already in pajamas. I sat down at my computer, and tried to decide to eat dinner, or skip it. I can’t help but check my email every few hours just to see if she decided to make contact with me. After not wanting anything to do with me, she decided to send a thank you card. A fucking thank you card, telling me she appreciated me going to her apartment and checking it out. To tell me she was happy I could see it.

I shouldn’t have opened that letter. I saw her return address and knew it wouldn’t be good. Gord is going to be here at the end of the month. You know how exciting that is to say? The end of the month and he will be here. Less than 30 days. It seems sort of unreal. He has always simply been over the phone. But he will be here. I will be able to taste him and touch him. I am a wee nervous about the touching part, but it will be okay. I haven’t decided either way on how much touching we will be doing, I am doing the ‘wait and see’ thing.

I decided to have thanksgiving left over’s for dinner. It was pretty good. For lunch I brought pizza rolls to work. I think everyone was a bit jealous.

I am in bed now, showered and in pajamas. I have to catch up on my DVR.

Tomorrow if it is nice enough out, I would like to walk to the pirate ship park. And then I can come home and get ready for work.

I have to find a way to stop missing her. It is not good for me.

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