Tuesday, December 21, 2010

happy list

I have a lot to be happy about right now; and to be honest I don’t really have anything to make me unhappy. So, I thought I would make a list of 10 things that make me unbelievably happy right now.

1. I found a website that allows me to watch tv series online, so I am watching buffy from episode one (I am on episode 6 right now! Yippie!)
2. Christmas is almost here. Which is never ever a bad thing, but this is especially good for me. because once Christmas is here I will REALLY stop Christmas shopping. Since I don’t really have any other choice.
3. I am getting along well with my family right now.
4. Heracio makes me smile every day. mostly because his cage looks like a disaster and if I fix it, he gets uberly pissed and fixes it how he wants it (which is a mess).
5. I already know what my new years resolutions are going to be.
6. I have pictures all over my room that I have taken, and I LOVE looking at them all of the time.
7. I get to go to my grandmas for Christmas, I haven’t been there for a very very long time.
8. I have goals right now, and am looking in to a few things.
9. I painted my nails with sparkle nail polish today. I thought it would be fun for Christmas (and then will be taken off).
10. Gord will be here NEXT TUESDAY. He will be here next week. yippie! I will write more about that later.

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