Friday, October 2, 2009

I'm Still Alive!

HI!!!! I am still alive, just super busy.

I don’t even have time to read blogs!! Or simply read in general.

It is getting crazy, and I love it.

I am starting my own business… a cupcake selling business. I am starting with selling them to family and friends, and just getting word out about them, I am also working on a website and that way I can ship them around the States. The company name is Settas Famous Cupcakes. They are magical. I make everything from scratch, using recipes I have found and then changed.

My specialty (the reason you should order from me when I get the website up) is baking the cupcakes in an actual cup, that you can keep. That is right, a CUPcake. Tee hee.

I already have orders rolling in and I am working on shipping them to my grandma to make sure I can do is successfully. I have a plan, and I love it.

Once the website is up and running and making an income for myself I will work on opening up a cupcake shop. Because, if you remember correctly, Minnesota has NO cupcake shops. We are a deprived state I tell ya.

Please come and visit again, I have a plan worked out on how I can blog more regularly and keep you guys up to date.


1 comment:

  1. Ooo! Ooo! I can't wait! When you figure out a successful shipping scheme, let me know. Because then, you need to figure out a low-sugar recipe for those of us who are insulin-resistant and then? I will order the shit out of your cupcakes, baby!