Saturday, October 10, 2009

to have a relationship with me

We all know I am different, everyone is different. But I am quirky. I am myself no matter where I am, and a lot of times people do not like that.

But ladies and gents, this is for the boys that want me out there.

I do not want flowers. Please, no flowers when you pick me up. Instead, get me something fun that I can use time and time again. Flowers will die and fall apart in a week or so, you only want me to remember you for a week? Get me a coloring book and crayons. That way every time I color I will think of you. Get me those capsules that grow into dinosaurs, that way we can watch them grow together and then have dino wars. Be original. Save the flowers for your mom on mother’s day.

If you want to surprise me climb into bed while I am sleeping and wrap your arms around me so I wake up with you next to me. Make me French toast, often. Kiss me. Touch me. When the time comes, love me.

Be nice to me and treat me with respect after time, after we have gotten to know each other, that doesn’t mean you should stop respecting me as much. That doesn’t mean to get angry and blow up at me. That means to stay calm and talk things over with me, like you used to.

Take me on adventures. I know I will take you on many; I want to be the passenger sometimes as well.

Never let me win. I can win on my own, thank you.

Introduce me to your friends (when the time comes) and since I will be super nervous, let me hold your hand the entire time. Don’t be squeamish around them.

If I want chocolate I will tell you. So please no chocolate, I would much rather have dinosaur capsules.

Please don’t show up late or ditch me. I am not like other girls, I am on time. I hate waiting for people that are late, so please don’t do that.

When I get sad, stay by my side. I may not want to talk, but that is where you should be.

I need my freedom. Do not keep tabs on me. If you text me or call me asking me where I am in a demanding way, I will run and hide. I am independent. I am strong. Please remember I have you in my life because I want you there, not because I need a man to control me and watch me.

Get jealous over me. Show me you care. Show me you don’t want me flirting with other guys, because I will do it, just to watch your reaction (hey I am a girl).

When you want me to yourself pull me away from others and tell me.

Be sweet. Tell me how you are feeling, even if you don’t want to.

Be open with me, communication is everything.

Make sure you want me for me. Not so you can change a few things so I am who you want me to be.

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