Monday, October 5, 2009


I was in the back room at work. And there, not even half a foot in front of me stood a large monster on his eight legs. I could tell by the way he was moving he has been injured. I looked around, but no one was there to see what I was witnessing. I walked past it giving it ‘they eye’ and sizing it up to size. I knew I had to be sneaky if I wanted to survive this monster. I turned back, sharply, trying to surprise this creature. I stomped the ground, and I think I may have seen his eyes roll. He was not intimidated by me; even though he should me. I ROAREEDDD as loud as I could, making him fear me. He stood his ground. In shock, I didn’t know what else to do, besides take him head on. I looked around, once more for anyone to help me in the battle that is now unavoidable. I made my great dinosaur noises and stomped forward.

It was then that I stomped on the wounded cricket.

I had to make sure it was dead, didn’t want it suffering any longer (it was wounded).

I recommend pretending to be a dinosaur to anyone that has to kill bugs. Makes it much more enjoyable. Just please, don’t eat them.

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  1. Yeah, but that whole scary squishing noise when you do kill them? Ish.