Friday, January 2, 2009

baby crazy,

Since Lucas is here, I thought I would have some touching stories to tell, about how cute he is and how he just makes my world go ‘round. I thought I would tell you all about how much I wish I could just keep him forever, all to myself. I thought I would tell you how it makes my maternal instincts come out, and I love that. I thought it would make me feel how badly I want a child one day.

Well I was wrong.

Lucas, I love him to death, and I really do miss him when he is gone. But he cries and whines and poops and that is about all, oh and he eats.

Nothing else!

He needs constant attention, because you have to watch to make sure he doesn’t hurt himself. If he is not sleeping, he is crying. Unless you do something stupid/ play the same music for the millionth time. Gah!!

Now don’t get me wrong, if he could live with us, I WOULD LOVE THAt; we would adapt and chillax with him. But he is just so much work. humpf. I am really glad I do not have a kid.

They take a lot of time, and let’s be real, I am 19 years old, I am way too selfish to have a child right now. I need my ME time.

To all those moms out there? You are awesome. I bow down to each and every one of you. its hard work.

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  1. lol you are funny.
    yeah babies are alot of work, it's not all happiness and sunshine. or laughs and fun.
    they cry, they eat, they poop/pee, and they need to be constantly looked after. but in the end it's worth it.
    but no you aren't ready for your own and thats fine, it's just not the right time.
    but if he lived with you, you would adjust and it would be awesome. cuz he's so cute and loveable.
    i'm glad your having a good time with him, even if he cries alot! lol.
    and well thats all. later tater