Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Guess who is going to be with me on new years?!


My favorite little person, EVER!!

he is coming tomorrow and will be with us for a week. no joke, this is how it went down.

-ring ring-

brother: 'ello
Lucas' mom: do you want Lucas for a week?
B: of course, why?
LM: i will be there tomorrow afternoon, we will drop him off at your house with everything he needs, you need to pick up food and diapers and wipes though, and we will leave him there for the week we are in town, got that?

so we went out, got food (another story for a different blog, maybe tomorrow?) and now just have to wait for him to come!!

3 positive things
1. i am an aunt.
2. Lucas is coming.
3. Lucas will be HERE tomorrow at this time.

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  1. OK, just started reading, so I don't know anything about anything, but I'm assuming Lucas is a little baby/toddler? You have fun, girl! :) Aunts are awesome!