Tuesday, December 16, 2008

masturbation/ alone

I feel alone.
There is no one out there that understand me completely.
There is no one out there that has the same problems as me, the same issues.
There is no one out there that thinks like me.
There is no one out there that has the same past as me.
No one that has the family I have
Has learned the lessons I have learned.
We are all alone in this world.
That is a scary thought.
Maybe that is why I cant sleep

Does anyone else wonder if God masturbates? Seriously. Does he watch girls in the shower and jerk it? Think about it, he is the one that made it so that people could masturbate, and I am sure he is a sexual beast just like the rest of us. He is always ‘watching over us’ so why not get some enjoyment out of it? Instead of simply listening to us bitch and moan our way through life he could get some enjoyment. While some lonely chick *cough cough* cries in the shower he could rub one out. Anyway…

3 positive things!

1.The car I hit yesterday on the way to work had no damage
2.I don’t have to work today
3.The AAR’s CD comes out today.


  1. Ya think God, all powerful being that he is, could score a supermodel any time he wanted. What a waste of all that talent.

  2. Lol, i'd think G might be more driven to rub one out, if the chick *cough* was masturbating in the shower now crying!

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