Thursday, December 4, 2008

i think this makes me the best friend.

This is an ode to my friend. I told her to pick the topic, since she was sitting next to me, and I didn’t know what to write about.

The topic chosen (actually the next words out of her mouth)

Why do I want to work at Michael?

(I really don’t, but she does, and she is filling out an application and is in a pickle with that question)

So here goes.

Have you ever walked into the scrapbook section at Michaels and you just felt OVERWHELMED with all the choices? All of the themes you can come up with simply from that one isle? That one isle! I wish I could simply cut the pages out there, just use what I need and then once I am done with the page they can clean everything up and I will go up to the register and pay, for what they can see I took. Heh.

I also enjoy going to Michaels when I am having a bad day. The store is nice and quiet, and lets my creative side take over (if I have one) I can look at all of the displays and stand and pretend like I am deciding on aqua blue or semi-aqua blue markers, and no one will bother me. that’s right, I will be left alone. Take that annoying family members that shall not be named! I can stand in the isle for as long as I would like and simply ignore the looks from everyone walking past.

Have you ever gone into a store and decided to walk around with your Ipod on? ya know, trying to educate some of the not so lucky, on some great bands. Because we all know most of the good artists are not heard on the radio. And all of a sudden you are singing along in your head, and you see someone trying to make eye contact with you because apparently the words of the song have moved their way out of your lips? Well, at Michaels you can sing as loud as you want, and no one will say a word.

There is also the discount right? Who is going to pass that up…

Now, I am supposed to be doing three positive things in each blog, and so far I have not done that so here goes.

1. I am at the library.
2. My granny paid my debt so I can now go to school.
3. I just wrote a blog confessing how nerdy I am.

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