Monday, December 29, 2008

lost and found

Everyone around here knows how um…often I misplace items. It is not very uncommon for me to ask where my ID is, or if anyone has seen my car key, people expect me to look for something before I leave the house.

When I was in high school in order to stop this trend, I decided to carry a purse. I would just throw everything that I needed in this handy dandy contraption and not worry about finding it, until I had to dig in the bottomless hole to find a pen, or a piece of paper. and I will admit, it did help out a bit; I knew everything was in one place, and I didn’t have to worry about taking it out of my pants pocket or having it fall out of whatever I had placed it in.

Then I started to just lose the entire purse. I would set it somewhere so that I knew where it was, and make sure to leave it there until I needed it, well then I would forget where THERE was. I would have to search the house the this damn bag before I could go anywhere, do anything. And if someone moved it? Oh God, the world would stop moving until I found it.

I would forget it in dressing rooms, and at tables in restaurants. Any place I had to set this bag down, I would forget it. I forgot it in classrooms almost on a daily base.

So I stopped caring a purse. I consolidated what I carried around to a more simpler list: drivers license, school ID, debit card. And that is all. No need to carry around my iPod and camera and tide to go stick, I didn’t carry around cards and lists and a mini book in case I was bored. No more gum wrappers or reciets that I would only look at to throw in the trash.

Much much more simpler, and now I do not even have to take time every once in a while to clean out The Hole. Or worry about leaving it some place.

Now, I know I am back to what I originally had, but it works out. See it is winter so I keep it in my jacket pocket and don’t worry about it. My aunt gave me a handy dandy credit card holder so I just shove everything in there. In the summer I will have to make sure to come up with some sort of system so that I do not spend time looking for my most plastic.

3 positive things!
2. I wrote out a to-do list and have one more thing to do on it
3. ice skating tomorrow!


  1. Want to know what I learned from this post? I learned that Jessica needs a fanny pack.

  2. Hey jessx, funny story. That's a shame you tend to lose your purse, but at least you've found something that works for you now, it seems.

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