Wednesday, December 10, 2008

shopping done easy.

When I started this blog I thought I would come up with something interesting to say every day. I thought I would update it every day, I thought I could be one of those interesting bloggers that people love and feel connected with and want to come back and check me out, again and again.

I personally do not think that is happening. But my other goal was to focus on a topic and write about that, to make me a better writer.
And that has happened.

Now for the topic..

What to get people for Christmas when you have NO money (for those that I am buying for, you may not want to read this, because then you may know what you are getting) .

1.Do you have any pictures with the person? Well, if you do give them a picture frame (I am sure you have one around the house, or maybe even use one that you have displayed, just please dust it off first) with a picture of the two of you in it!! And then whenever you go over to their house make sure they display it, and comment on how great you like it, and how wonderful the frame is. This is a gift that will keep giving.

2.Who doesn’t love getting a letter from someone telling them how much they mean to you? so get that pen and paper out, and start writing!

3.Now ladies, we all have those clothes in our closet that still have the tags on know you are not going to wear them, its been 4 months since you bought that shirt. Why not give it to a friend? *please make sure they were not with you when you purchased said item, that could look bad.

4.Make them a coupon! ‘one free hug’ or something like that ‘one free evening alone with me’ . because you know without those coupons you would so make your friends pay to hang out with you.

5.For those sex addicts out there..go to your local teen annex and get a handful of condoms and some lube. Put them in a nifty basket and you have a perfect gift basket to make sure they are having safe sex!

6.If you do not like any of my ideas, just stay in, tell people your car doesn’t work in the cold weather and avoid all life forms until the season is over.

Now, 3 positive things.
3. I am almost done Christmas shopping
2. I went to uptown yesterday
1. I have clean socks

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