Sunday, January 25, 2009

story time!

I am in a horrible mood today. So instead of telling you about today, I will tell you some stories from this past week.

The besties and I went to Perkins for lunch the other day (after studying really hard in the library). I went to pay for my meal and I couldn’t find my magic money maker. I know I had it, before we left the library I checked to make sure I had the plastic card in my handy dandy awesome wallet thing. Well I went to pay, and it was not in there. Crap. Now what? I ask my friends if they have seen it, they haven’t. But one of them pipes up and says she saw it at the library. Alright so I am thinking I left it there. Or maybe someone stole it from my pocket, something. So I am thinking about how I don’t want to cancel this card and get a new one because I have the number almost memorized (damn online shopping). And right before the I completely freak out the lady behind the counter hands me back my card and tells me thank you. Yup I had already handed her the card.

When my brother moved out awhile back my parents told him ‘you are not ready to move out. So if you come back you will not have a room’ you see, my sister and I shared a room. So when he moved out my sister took over his room. So, he has been back since about November now, he sleeps on the couch. He has a dresser in the mudroom. Well, it was his choice to move out; he knew what he would have to come back to. Well, he is always complaining about not having his own space and how people are always in ‘his room’ AKA the living room when he wants to sleep. So, my father being the awesome guy he is set up a tent in the dining room (this shows how much we eat at the table) and put a sign on the tent door stating that it is my brothers apartment. My brother being the ungrateful child that he is has not slept in the tent once. He took the blankets and pillows out of the tent and is still sleeping on the couch. I guess he doesn’t want his own space that bad after all…

I had a third story to tell, but now that I am sitting here writing I can’t remember it.

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