Monday, January 19, 2009


I would like to review a new product (ok it is actually really old, but I just had it for the first time).

So you know the Smackers stuff called ‘goober’ were they have the peanut butter AND jelly in one jar? They have it in like stripes, and let me tell you it looks pretty awesome.

Well I picked some of that up the other day when I was out doing some shopping. I have always wanted to try it, but have never gotten then chance.

Now I was putting it on toast and at first when you put it on the knife and spread it around you don’t see really any jelly. It looks just like a peanut butter sandwich. In my always positive mind I may or may not have thought ‘well that is stupid. Why would people but it if it just turns in to peanut butter’?

Fellow blog readers. I tell you I was wrong, oh so wrong.

The stuff is freaking AWESOME!!!

You taste the jelly AND the peanut butter. The product allows you to save time by only having to put ONE thing on your bread. It is a little more expensive than regular peanut butter but if you add the jelly in there I think you actually save money.

I cant wait for my next GOOBER sandwich!

I had my doubts, but I am a believe now.

3 positive things.
1. I am rocking this school thing.
2. I am annoying the best friend.
3. It is not snowing right now.