Friday, January 30, 2009

time goes by so fast..

Things that Jessica should do before work today:
-essay for western civilization
-discussion’s for 3 classes
-finish the book for book club
-wash sheets

Things Jessica will do before work today:
-play tetris
- stare at the screen thinking about doing school work
-waste time writing a blog
-laugh at anything that moves

I hope you enjoy your day!

3 positive things:
1.Nothing is due until Sunday
2.My friends cannot beat my score in tetris
3.I ate breakfast


  1. lol that was a good one~
    anywyas...beating me ha ha hah i know your hard to beat! and eating breakfast i'm so proud of you~~ i would givve you a star~ and lets see. that is alot to do.

    heres mine; what stace should do:
    read chapter 3, practice exercise and typed up notes for thursday. Get books from library. Start reading to page 32. Write a discussion online. print off syllabus. Start reading other book to get that done. Plus finsih book club book becaue i'm running out of time etc.

    but i have been: watching shows, listening to my ipod, thinking about what to do, but not actually doing it yet... and looking up info for this taylor swift concert! (which i thinkyoushoud go with me too!) i'll give you deets about that later.

    and yeah thats all i think.. good blog~

    sorry it's WAY long.. love ya!