Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Home

I have so much to say! I FINALLY have internet access at my house, so now I can tell you all about my life this past month and a half.

I moved in, and this place is perfect for me. its an old old Victorian home converted into apartments. But it has the old woodwork and the old radiators and the old fireplace and all of that stuff. It fits me well, because I am sort of an old soul type.

I always go overboard when I grocery shop. I mean, its only me, do I really think I need all of those groceries? So, needless to say my cupboards and freezer and fridge are gradually getting filled. Which is exciting because that makes me feel all adult like.

I am much happier on my own that I was living with my parents. I think I have just out grown their home.

I was rather excited when I got my FIRST BILL. That was a sign that this is real, I am grown up, I am an adult. And I am surviving. And I am happy. what more could I ask for?

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