Saturday, August 20, 2011


Five days after I moved out, I went to the backstreet boys concert (eeekk!) and then flew to Vancouver.

It was amazing. Everything was amazing. I love spending time with Gordon. We saw so many things. He introduced me to mountains and the ocean. He introduced me to suspension bridges and lynn valley. We found how amazing gilato is, and rediscovered hand holding.

I know when I am with him I am taken care of. I know he will not allow anything bad to happen to me. I feel safer with him than I have ever felt my entire life. I think that is one of the reasons we work out so well; he is a protector and I like being protected.

I love his presence. Him just being on the couch and being able to look at him. or waking up in the morning and seeing him. it’s the little things that people that aren’t in a long distance relationship don’t really notice.

I want to go back, the sooner the better. I do not want to be without him. he makes me laugh and smile and I feel perfect when he is around.

With every trip, and with every time we get to be together, the distance gets harder and harder and I miss him more and more. But, we are working on it, and we love each other and want to be together. so as long as that stays the same, everything will work out.

I just want it to work out a wee faster than it is working itself out.

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