Monday, August 29, 2011

Hertio's needs

Heratio is used to commotion. He is used to people coming and saying hello to him and sneaking him treats. He is used to being pet all the time. he is now alone most of the day. and when I do come home, I usually am sleeping a few hours later.

With his rabbit agility classes, I am learning more about bunnies; and one thing I learned is that bunnies need a real companion. They bond with each other (sorta like best friends) and develop great relationships.

Heratio and I have decided he needs a wife. He has girlfriends, but he needs more. He needs a warm body ever night and someone to bicker with, he needs to know he is not alone.

Just like me.

So, we are on the hunt. And to be honest, we are both kind of picky. He likes his woman looking good..all cute like. And I want someone that enjoys cuddling as much as him. we need someone that is laid back, and OK with relaxing and watching movies.

We both agree a bunny his size is best, so a sort of small bunny.

And one we will love. Because I saw Heratio, and knew he was mine, before I even held him. we need that same affection for our new friend.

So, we are on the lookout for a nice piece of ass for Heratio Cane.

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