Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My goals.

People always say ‘if you want something do it’ but no one ever believes them. but this past year, I have done just that. I never thought I would travel or actually meet Gord. I never thought I could afford to move out on my own.

This is the year I found a lot about myself, and its only august. I discovered how strong I am. I found out if I want to do something, I just have to come up with a plan and do it. I DO enjoy travelling. And it feels so good to tell people ‘yea when I was in DC this year…’ ‘oh I got this when I was in Vancouver..’ it makes me feel like I am doing something right.

I can tell people I have accomplished things this year. I have done a lot of things I never thought I would do. I moved out ON MY OWN. I am capable of taking care of myself. I do not need anyone to help me. I can do it. I can achieve things.

Once I decide I want or need something, if I want it bad enough, I will do it. it shows me how strong I am and how independent I can be.

I love this feeling. I love achieving my goals.

The only problem I am having, is that I am running out of goals to achieve.

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