Friday, August 26, 2011

Rabbit Agility

Heratio is taking rabbit agility classes. He is learning how to sit, hop and turn left and right on command.

No, this is not a joke.

Yes, I am paying for these classes.

Now, can we get back to the story please?

He has gone through one class, and he is amazingly good at sit and hop. I tell him ‘heratio sit’ and he sits. I tell him ‘heratio hop’ and most of the time he hops. If you would have seen our walks before, and if you see them now, you would be amazed as well.

But this class is also to socialize bunnies. And that is where there is a problem, you see, heratio is spoiled, and doesn’t exactly know he is a bunny.

So while the other bunnies hop around and say hello, my bunny sat in a corner. And when bunnies came up to him, he put his head to the ground until they hopped away.

Near the end of hoppy hour, he started SMELLING bunnies, and that is a BIG step and I was very proud of him. until about five minutes later when he started biting the other bunnies; and got thrown in time out.

Apparently my rabbit is rather stubborn as well, because apparently he did not learn anything from time out, and went back to biting.

Guess who got kicked out of hoppy hour?

Yea, Heratio Cane. The baddest Bunny around.

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