Wednesday, December 23, 2009

True story

I have a true story to tell you.

I was saving it, for just about now.

Last year I didn’t get anything from Santa, according to my parents, I am too old for him. Well, you guys know me; I tend to not always believe what my parents say.

So anyway...

I was at work, about a month ago, and there was this lady, very friendly, she is checking out and I am helping her, and I go to give her the change. And guess who is with her; SANTA!!!!

So, me being me can’t stop looking at him. And she is smiling (kind of like a smile that this happens a lot). And I am all ‘have a nice day’ and I turn around so I am not staring at them. And I whisper to the coworker next to me ‘OMG. I think I just met Santa, look!’

And we turned around to look at them, and I am all smiling and gleeful, and I look and she whispered something to Santa, and turns around and she WINKS at me.


(Insert your jealous face pictures here)

So now, last week.

A friend of mine, Dago, told me ‘Jessica. I was talking to Santa..’

Yea, you can imagine my excitement at that, but there is more

‘Santa asks me about the kids he is not so sure about, and he brought you up....’

(Yea excitement growing)

‘And I said you were good, so he gave me something to give to you. So watch for it in the mail’

OMG!!!!! I get excited when I find Waldo, or squish bugs; can you IMAGINE my excitement because of this?!?

And to think, my parents said I was too old for Santa, please, no one is ever too old for Santa. All you have to do is believe.


  1. LOL
    Well I hope you got everything you wanted!

  2. I do used to like the Santa Claus comming and putting gifts in socks, when I was kid...But now I know he's just a story, and our parents are the one who put gifts...Oh and I'm not a Christian, and very few people are Christian here, so this doesn't happens here. But I am fond of Christianity...