Sunday, December 20, 2009

pieces in a bucket

I hate when everything is going good, and then poof, something small happens and everything falls apart. And you are left standing there trying to hold the pieces together.

So you stand there, holding the pieces. Knowing you are what is keeping everything from getting lost; you know that if it is lost, everyone else will fall apart and you have to stop that. You cannot allow anyone else to fall apart.

So you are standing there, with your arms full of all these pieces, and some of them are sharp, and some are small. And a few are slipping and you do your best to hold on tighter but some fall through, and you can’t reach for them because then the others will fall. So you allow yourself to believe it’s okay, you can go without those pieces.

Because that will just add personality and flare to this once you get all of the pieces put back together again.

And as you stand there, your arms are getting heavier and you are looking around for help but no one else can really help, they are too self centered to really care that you need help. And a couple looks at you and wants to help, but they just don’t understand what they can do to help you. So you tell them it is okay, you are doing fine. And they watch you, and try to figure out a way to help.

And others are just looking and moving on.

And finally someone says ‘HEY! Why not put the pieces in a bucket! You can let them go, and they will be there and you can search for glue, and go about your day, and they will still be there when you have the time!’ and so you find a bucket, a pretty bucket with a bird on it. And you put all of the pieces in the bucket. And you stretch your arms, and are really glad they are in there. And you look down at them, and realize you can’t just leave them. You cannot go about your day with everything to pieces like that. And others do not understand, they think you should just let go and leave them. So you start carrying the bucket with you. And it starts getting scratched up and not so pretty, but you don’t care. That bucket is yours to carry around, and some day, you hope to be able to put the pieces back together and to be almost hole again.


  1. well I;m lost but I hope it all turns out well!

  2. yeah what the hell are you tlaking aobut. using methaphors of buckets and broken pieces. cuz you may have been doing that at work.. but i'm thinking its more then that. did one of your guys leave you? and you don't know if you'll be good again? cuz thats the only thing i can think of.. so confused..