Friday, May 1, 2009


There is a lot going on right now, so much so I feel as if I am neglecting writing to you all. Here are some clippings of what is going on:

*school is ending in a couple weeks
*the family now knows my baby sister is on birth control
*my grandma is not mad at me anymore for not going up there for Easter
* I am talking to my mom again
*the bestie is so upset at me right now she can’t handle even looking at me
*I feel like a really bad person because I am doing something completely for me
*I am going to be house sitting in June
*Adam and I are still besties
*I made brownies
*I tried the flat bread at subway and really liked it
*my sister and I decided I totally get Dean and she gets Sam if the need ever arises.
*previous statement was then followed by this conversation
Sister: that’s ok because you get a dick and I get someone with an actual heart.
Me: how do you know Sam has a heart? He is part demon. And HELLO Dean has gone to hell, how would you deal with that?
Sister: yea you’re right, that means we don’t know if he has a soul or not. I don’t think he does

*I got a new shirt
*trying to save money for a summer class

I am sorry I cant give you an actual post. Maybe tomorrow?

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  1. Wait... YOU get Dean? I thought I got Dean.

    Crap. Now we're going to have to fight to the death. :(