Wednesday, April 22, 2009

first ever tagged thingy

I was making my rounds today, checking out all of the people that have posted something new and a stumbled upon Southern Sages post. it was one of those posts were they answer questions and then tag someone. i always look at these with envy, i never get tagged. i am relatively new to this blog thingy and since i tend to be an introvert and not comment, not many people come to my blog. and that is A-OK with me.

but this morning when i got done reading (and giggling) at his answers the first person he tagged was 'Jess-X' holy cow...that looked like my name. so i clicked it. and guess where it brought me?!? MY BLOG!!! i got tagged!!! i jumped out of my seat (no i am not kidding) and freaked out. i may have squealed in delight.

Southern Sage you totally just made my day, thank you.

Eight Things I'm Looking Forward To:

1. end of this semester
2. seeing Lucas again
3. getting dressed
4. seeing a ghost
5. volunteering at the YMCA
6. a picnic sometime this week
7. new music
8. tagging people

Eight things I did yesterday..

1. did the dishes
2. woke up
3. got my fishing pole out
4. got the mail
5. went to target
6. went to a womans health expo
7. talked to Adam
8. got my hair cut

Eight things I wish I could do

1. move to a third world country
2. cure the world from pain
3. find love for the bestie
4. protect my sister
5. get my brother to be clean and sober
6. get straight A's without studying
7. sing like Christina Aguilera
8.marry Kevin Rudolf

Eight TV shows I watch

1. Grays Anatomy
2. Ellen
3. The Real World
4. American Idol (go Adam!!)
5. taking the stage
6. supernatural
7. Tough Love
8. American Dragon: Jake Long

Eight people I tag


The Bestie

Coal Miners Granddaughter

ok i know its not eight people, but thats all i can see right now that read my blog and will do it. so yea.


  1. Woot Woot!
    you did great with your first tag!

    lol@ jumping outta your seat and all, that tickled me but then wen I was reading the things you were looking forward to one was "getting dressed" so that means you were jumping and squeeling naked!

  2. Thanks for tagging me, darlin'! I usually save meme's for when I'm out of town and need blog fodder, so I will be saving this to a Word document for a later date. Woo hoo!

    And since you watch Supernatural, Jensen Ackles should have been part of your "Eight things I wish I could do" list. :P

  3. I gotta warn you. Sage is really good at getting girls to squeal in delight!

    Loved your answers. The picnic sounds nice. What a great thing to look forward to.

    have a beautiful week.


  4. Hey girl... came over from Sage's! I love reading other people's tags... but I hate getting tagged myself! :)

    I love that you wrote you were looking forward to seeing a ghost! lol!